The experts tell me I should choose and genre and stick to it. They’re probably right, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to listen.

I’ve been in love with romance novels since my mother’s friend Bevan gave me a box of Harlequin romances when I was ten years old. That was back in the olden days when the steamiest thing on the page was a kiss. Then I fell in love again as an adult while riding the jumpseat and a fellow flight attendant loaned me Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I had no idea paranormal romance could be so sexy and fun.

So, if spicy contemporary romance is your cuppa, then you’re looking for my A. C. Nixon books. Some may be dark and twisty, but they’re filled with love, friendship, and yes plenty of laughter.

As Annalise Nixon, I write paranormal romance with carnal alpha males who aren’t exactly human, but know how what they want and will break every rule to claim their mates.

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