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Author AC NixonA.C. Nixon has worked with explosives, been a singing waitress, and an actress, but continues insisting to her friends she’s an introvert. For some odd reason they disbelieve her.

So far, she’s traveled to five of the seven continents, and honestly—only wishes to visit one more. Of all the places she has experienced, falling into fictional worlds feels most like home.

A.C. loves to create tales of flawed and diverse characters meeting the individual, while not be perfect, somehow is the person for them. Incapable of committing to a single genre, A.C. pens love stories with fur and fang as Annalise Nixon.

When she’s not abusing those on the road to a happy ever after, she’s hanging out in Texas, with her wild, wacky and wonderful friends, and searching for the best beef brisket on the planet, while simultaneously pondering why she can’t lose weight.
Her personal prince charming wore cammies rather than armour and now drives a truck, not a trusty steed, but she’ll keep him all the same.

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